Rhino Grip Epoxy

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Rhino Grip Epoxy Putty adhesive is a tough hand moldable fast curing epoxy paste that enables quick repairs to metals, wood, concrete, ceramics, tile, plastics, glass, iron, brick and leak repairs. Our tough adhesive sticks to wet surfaces and even works underwater for pool repairs and many more projects. Rhino Grip adhesive makes a great filling agent that can be shaped for missing pieces or fill in chips, cracks, walls, concrete, brick, pipes and more. 

Unlike other Epoxies Rhino Grip is Certified to Standard 61 by The National Sanitation Foundation for use in contact with drinking water and is NSF rated. Net wt. 2 oz (57 g)

Just a few of the almost 1000 uses:

         •  Form knobs, pulls and missing parts.

         •  Attach fixtures, machine tags and signs.

         •  Patch leaks and fill cracks.

         •  Repair loose or cracked wall or floor tiles.

         •  Fix broken pottery and ceramics.

         •  Form custom gaskets.

         •  Bond loose auto trim and repair small dents.

         •  Fill rust holes.

         •  Thread-lock compound for pipes and fasteners.

         •  Seal leaks in gutters and downspouts.

         •  Anchor bolts, rods, machines, housings, etc.

         •  Patch chipped concrete, floors, bricks and blocks.


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